The Timber Lean's Slab of the Match: Felipe Mora & Diego Chara

An attempt to start our own version of Timber Joey gets to do in front of tens of thousands of people. An electronic cutting of the slab if you will. This matchday the co-honors go to Felipe Mora & Diego Chara, possibly the only bright spots of the Timbers' 2-1 loss at home to the Seattle.
May 12, 2024; Portland, Oregon, USA; Portland Timbers mascot Timber Joey celebrates after a goal in
May 12, 2024; Portland, Oregon, USA; Portland Timbers mascot Timber Joey celebrates after a goal in / Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

It's not easy losing to your rivals, especially at home. Now amplify that sentiment tenfold when speaking about fans in the Pacific Northwest. Where the Cascadia Cup holds sway with decades of history. Unlike elsewhere in Major League Soccer.

But on a day like today, where heads are hung low in the Rose City we must find the positives. For that we look towards our first ever Slab of the Match honors. Which will go to Felipe Mora & Diego Chara for their roles played in Sunday's defeat.

That sentence above doesn't sound too friendly, but Chara & Mora were the only reasons the match seemed as close as it was at times.

With Mora's opening goal in the 15th minute, assisted in part by Jonathan Rodriguez & Dario Zuparic. Mora is now the club's leading scorer with 5 goals in 8 appearances this season. Now, there have been plenty of inconsistencies in Portland this season, possibly the only consistent thing right now is Mora's scoring.

I would say on the other side of the ball, but Diego Chara is as always, a little bit of everywhere when he takes the pitch. The ageless Chara was one of the few players, competing with the energy & intensity a Pacific Northwest derby demands.

The drive to go beyond your capabilities to try something different. To come out of your comfort zone & push yourself & the rest of the team. Not just play simple & safe. I'd say what we saw in that second-half is exactly what I've seen every single day. A team that's comfortable, a team that a part from Chara lacks that drive in this moment in time. -Phil Neville on his Captain's drive & performance

He boasted a team high 97.2% pass percentage with a team high 69 passes with Eric Miller. Great statistics to go along with his 33rd career regular-season appearance against the Sounders, maybe one of the last Timbers faces representing the rivalry at this point.

On days like this you have to be grateful for the things you can count on. Unfortunately & fortunately you can count on Ruidiaz bangers, Chara giving it 110% & a great crowd for Cascadia Cup clashes.