Are the Portland Timbers Doomed for the Rest of 2024?

With a third of the season gone, and the Portland Timbers sitting in second to last in the Western Conference, are the Portland Timbers done in 2024?
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Have the Timbers Given Up?

The second half was an abysmal effort from Portland. Nothing was going to compare to the first-half pace both teams set, but the fall-off from the Timbers was steep and disappointing. Legs looked tired and there was something behind Neville’s constant comments on his team’s “want-to.” 

When asked about changes that need to be done for the next game, Neville laid it out clearly, “I’m finding out every single day of the week, those that want to be with us and those don’t want to be with us.” If the issue is “want-to”, then that might be an issue too big to try and figure out in a single season. 

Neville was quick to respond, “I’ve got to select the right team on Wednesday.” He continued, 

“We’ve got to pick 11 players that are in good moments that want to play for this football club. I think that is really important. Players that want to play for this football club, that want to be here. That want to commit fully to the journey, that want to commit fully to this football club and its supporters.”

For this to still be an issue a third of the way through the season is concerning. So, stop me when you've heard this before, but… the game on Wednesday is against a down-on-their-luck rival who is also in search of a season-defining win.  

A must-win game that can stop the bleeding of Portland’s nine-game winless streak. This next game against the San Jose Earthquake, on a quick 48-hour turnaround, could become an embarrassing Deja vu for the Timbers. If the effort isn’t there, a second game in four days is not optimal.